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Consultancy, Tastings & Tailored Beer Events


Luc De Raedemaeker

As a Tasting Director at the Brussels Beer Challenge, a juror at international beer festivals and a lecturer in zythology – the study of beer and brewing – business manager Luc De Raedemaeker knows the world of beer inside-out. He also knows what’s missing and aims to fill in the gaps through professional consultancy and tailored beer events.


Are you looking for an experienced beer sommelier to help launch your new beer? An expert to help your brewery stage a media event or a workshop to promote your brews? BeerMatters can help…


Are you already serving the best a kitchen can offer, but looking for new ways to tickle your customers’ taste buds? Maybe you’re keen to treat your diners to a unique culinary experience…


Why not invite your staff to a beer tasting session or a workshop on how to pull the perfect pint. Or how about creating your own company brew, or entering into a partnership with a brewery?

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