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There’s no dolce vita without fine dining, so make sure your food and drink are always perfectly paired. This is where beer comes in. Because it covers the whole basic taste spectrum, beer offers a multitude of gastronomic possibilities.

Our Favorite pairings

Bier & kaas

Beer & Cheese

Cheese and wine is a tried and tested French recipe. But just how compatible are the two when it comes to taste? The sourness of wine isn’t necessarily a natural complement for the creaminess of cheese, and they tend to neutralise one another. Turn instead to beer for far more sumptuous pairings. Which cheese with which beer? Don’t fret: BeerMatters will gladly help you explore complementary beer and cheese pairings.

Beer & chocolate

Belgium is rightly known the world over for its beer and chocolate, but what’s less widely known is how well they go together. Beer is a man’s drink, chocolate a woman’s best friend… or so the clichés go. Ignore the stereotypes: at BeerMatters we know that beer and chocolate can make for exquisite pairings. What’s more, we’re proud to line up alongside ace Belgian chocolatier Valentino to put that theory into practice and show you what a great marriage the two can make.

bier & oesters

Beer & oysters

Champagne and oysters can be irresistible. So too can oysters and a dry white wine with hints of citrus and mineral tones. But for a truly exotic pairing, try the Irish delicacy of oysters and stout. The dry metallic and roasted flavour of a Guinness combines perfectly with the meaty salinity of Irish oysters, as does the distinctive taste of some of Belgium’s top-fermented beers, wheat beers, and oud bruin beers. Let BeerMatters introduce you to these and other equally surprising pairings.