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Beer and oysters: a taste sensation

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Plato once said: ‘He was a wise man who invented beer’. We’re confident you’ll agree as you explore the subtleties of beer at one of our personalised tasting events for you and your colleagues, clients or friends. Whatever the size of your corporate incentive group, they’re sure to enjoy a tasting session. So why not take it a step further and treat your customers and staff to a beer-themed team-building event? BeerMatters will gladly be your guide on your journey of discovery. Perhaps you’d like to try the heavenly beer of the Trappist breweries? Or you’re curious to learn why hops are so hip, or to discover America’s craft brews? You might even be ready to go off-piste with the most extreme beers on the market. We at BeerMatters take pride in organising events to suit every taste.

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You might more readily associate cheese with wine, but it’s much more suited to being paired with beer. The sourness of wine is not necessarily a natural complement for the creaminess of cheese, and in fact they often cancel each other out. Beer, on the other hand, makes for far more sumptuous pairings. But which cheese with which beer? And what about beer and chocolate, or even beer and oysters? Let us help.

At BeerMatters, we customise our events to your taste, with a selection of beers and snifters presented by our charming, knowledgeable guides. Get in touch to discuss how we can create the right event for you.

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